Malware Must Die!

Everyone gets unwanted e-mails in his inbox and some are filtered by the spam filters or virus scanners, other get a way trough. My Spam filters are really good but this does not apply to malware mails and recently I got one. Usually I delete those and live goes on, but this time I was curious what this piece in my inbox would do.

Distributed Celery Workers

I’m working a lot with Django and Celery recently. By the way, awesome Open Source projects! Celery is a simple, flexible and reliable distributed system to process vast amounts of messages. For my project I have multiple celery workers, whose resides on different maschines, so called a distributed setup. Now the tasks which celery will execute are not deployed on the task calling maschine itself. therefore the task schedules needs some tuning how they are being called.

DNSSEC with bind9

So there is recently much going on for the topic DNSSEC. It helps to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks for dns requests. Quite controversial is if dnssec is the right protocol for securing the dns requests/responses. At the moment its the only solution for this usecase and good for use. this should not mean the technology should stop here and not research further, but neither we should wait till something newer in the future is arriving.

ykfde - full disk encryption with Yubikey

I wrote about how I made a dracut module for my yubikey under fedora. In the meantime it has gone a lot in the little project. To integrate my dracut module, I contacted eworm how to integrate it in his project. Long story short, we improved the whole project, and now it works under linux with mkinitcpio and dracut (ex. archlinux and fedora). With the version 0.5.1 it also can change the challenges every boot – without generating a whole new initramfs.

Yubikey Full Disk Encryption

Newly I have got a new Yubikey NEO with the Firmware-Version 3.3 which supports U2F + OTP and CCID at the same time! I’m now using it as a hardware token for 2 factor authentication on websites. I also thought about it, for what more i can use it. Open a LUKS Device at boottime would be really nice. I searched the web a little but it has not really much i can use for my Fedora.

Update to Fedora 21

Since I switched from Windows (already a few years) to Linux it changed a lot in the universe of the distributions of linux. I tried different Distributions and now im quite happy with Fedora. So, the next Fedora 21 is released and I’m updating my instances to it. For Fedora 21 was gone a lot, inclusive updating the Official Fedora Website and a new URL ( The Update was really easy with fedup.