Gruvbox - Fresh Terminal Color Scheme

Recently I noticed, that reading some code and text in the gnome terminal under Fedora is difficult for me, especially by low screen lightning on my laptop. The default color scheme has some really bright white foreground color and has been bothering me for some time, therefore I have searched a new color scheme, that appears less glaring to me. It should also support a enjoyable code syntaxhighlighting and have a good contrast.


On my theme hunt I discovered a stunning collection of color schemes for the gnome terminal (and pantheon terminal): Gogh

Essentially a color scheme is installed by a one-liner.
This shell script also contains a menu with (at the moment) a total of 160 color schemes:

$ wget -O gogh && chmod +x gogh && ./gogh && rm gogh

Gruvbox Dark

Like the bluelight-saving mode of mobile devices, the “Gruvbox Dark” theme comes with some fresh colors and a yellowish foreground text color. I like the mellow colors and not so black background and choosed this theme to install.

Gruvbox Dark

Gnome Terminal

There is also a one-liner to install Gruvbox for the Gnome Terminal, or choose the theme from the menu in Gogh:

$ wget -O xt && chmod +x xt && ./xt && rm xt


To adapt the new theme in VIM we can install the “Gruvbox Dark” color scheme from Github morhetz/gruvbox.

Gruvbox Dark with python

Vim searches for color schemes in ~/.vim/colors, so we grab a copy of gruvbox.vim and put it there. Create the directories if needed.
Most terminals don’t handle italics right so gruvbox disables italics for terminals by default, but with gnome-terminal we can activate it by let g:gruvbox_italic=1

To apply the theme in vim I put the following settings in my ~/.vimrc:

let g:gruvbox_italic=1
set background=dark
colorscheme gruvbox


To polish my terminal up, I updated also the colors for files and directories in my console output to match the freshly installed theme. At the end, I pulled a copy from Github seebi/dircolors-solarized to my workstation.
It is enough for a BASH environment to save the dircolors.ansi-dark to ~/.dircolors.

Beautiful, isn’t it?