Thinkpad Carbon X1 (4th) with Fedora

In March 2016, Lenovo started shipping the new Generation of its Thinkpad X1 Carbon series. For some time I was searching for a new Laptop, that fits my needs and finally boght the new thinkpad.

The important criterias for me were:

  • disk space to carry my data
  • good linux support
  • skylake cpu


Worth a mention is the sell and shipping process. I ordered the desired laptop and its configuration in the official lenovo store. The billing was processed by a company in ireland, and finally delivered via UPS, an american mail company.

The shipping path surprised me:

My package travelled the half world to reach its new owner, and that in 4 days.

Installing Fedora

Soon as the new Laptop arrived, I purged the pre-installed windows 10 and wanted to install Fedora (23) on it. Said and done, I burned the ISO from on it and bootet the installer. Right after the boot menu and selecting the live os, the screen went dark and nothing happened.

I know, that linux has some problem with brand new hardware, until its all supported and all bugs fixed.

So I disabled the quiet output at boot time, which can be done by removing rhgb quiet from the grub boot entry and start the live cd without. At some point in the startprocess, the bootup freezes and shows the problem: Intel_pstate: HWP enabled There is already a Bug in the Red Hat Bugzilla (#110941) which addresses this problem. The Solution is only fixable by patching the linux kernel, which is done by commit and shipped with 4.6-rc2. Hopefully Fedora backports this to its stable kernel.

To get the thinkpad running, the installer can bootet with the boot option intel_pstate=no_hwp. After the installation it can be persistent with an entry in /etc/default/grub:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=".... intel_pstate=no_hwp"