Update to Fedora 21

Since I switched from Windows (already a few years) to Linux it changed a lot in the universe of the distributions of linux. I tried different Distributions and now im quite happy with Fedora. So, the next Fedora 21 is released and I’m updating my instances to it. For Fedora 21 was gone a lot, inclusive updating the Official Fedora Website and a new URL (getfedora.org).

The Update was really easy with fedup.

yum -y install fedup
fedup --network 21 --product workstation

New is the product switch with the 3 main spins workstation, server, cloud

Poorly my laptop with ssd hasn’t a lot of space to use and with 2000 packages beeing updated, they use quite a lot space. So first, i had to resize my encrypted lvm-partition.

Boot with LiveOS
Open the drive in nautilus and open it to decrypt it with the password
On the terminal:
e2fsck /dev/mapper/rootvg-home
resize2fs /dev/mapper/rootvg-home -10G
lvreduce -L -10G /dev/mapper/rootvg-home
lvresize -L +10G /dev/mapper/rootvg-root
resize2fs /dev/mapper/rootvg-root

Done :)